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I have actually taken that into account, that is why I said,...

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    I have actually taken that into account, that is why I said, explicitly, that it seems to me that people here have no slightest idea of what IoT and M2M actually are. They are overarching concepts describing how devices nowadays are connected to and interact with one another, both locally and globally through usage of servers. No business can offer up a raw concept as a service, it would be an absolute travesty of logic. So if a person claims that SAS would sell M2M and IoT, I think that would be absolute nonsense.

    Imagine going to a shop offering would be absolute nonsense. Instead of offering the concept itself as a service, the business would develop products and services based of it. In the case of homeostasis then things like artificial heart, intravenous solutions, blood bank services, etc. Examples of IoT and m2m products and services include data servers, smart watches, smart phones, internet connectivity, search engines, software, etc.

    So my main question to everyone here:

    What products and services would SAS be able to sell in order to generate revenues? Please answer, what product and services??????? And how is SAS going to be able to make money of it? Please give example.

    Hint, what does cell tower do?

    I am really curious as to what people would actually come up with...people just don't seem to get it.

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