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1:Since the 6U cost more than the pearls by $200,000 each and...

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    1:Since the 6U cost more than the pearls by $200,000 each and the pearls can still do the same job why go down the path of doing 6U and have to go through the process of CDR again and therefore so much delays.???!

    2: trance 2 of 7.4 mill will not be enough to pay globasat that requires 8.3 mill.
    And operational cost of 3 mill for 6 months. ?
    Total needed 11.6 mill ?

    He did say to me and others that SAS has favourable payment plans to get started.

    BUT SAS will still be short about 8 mill ,
    will this have to be paid before handover of the 6u satellites get delivered?
    If so Meir does this mean another CR closer to delivery of the 6U. ?
    That’s if he does not get that amount in coming weeks.

    3:how much revenue expected from the 6U satellites once up and when to expect first revenue since we have more MOU’S now.

    4: how long now till the 6u will be deployed since there has to be delays now ?
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