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I agree, it's good to see creative ideas... doesn't hurt does...

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    Thanks MDJ... don't know what you want me to be proud of, but never bad to see some initiative from people to help think of ways to get things across the line. As a wayof trying to think out the full spectrum of bond options:

    a)      Do nothing and hope situation resolves itself (Ialways consider a base case, not suggesting it but it is an option)

    b)     Incentivize ELF holders to pay out now – as alreadysuggested (this can be a range of scenarios of wiping interest completely, todiscounting interest from what it currently is) – risks being perceived aspunishing those who paid up front by converting options and further supportingcompany already (as some have showed concern for already)

    c)      Another Brevet facility or similar situation

    d)     Dilution of register with capital raising(pretty common views on what people think of further dilution)

    e)     Try and get the bond requirement wiped in theRCA, regardless of any “frozen-ness” of it (ECT is “all in” let’s face it, thecompany has already put more value into these efforts over the last severalyears than the value of this bond, played the cultural respect with the politepersistence approach and demonstrated good faith from what we know… may be alow possibility but still an option)

    f)       Approach existing holders to front up loan forbond

    g)      Consideration of other creative solutions fromshareholders ( there are some being thrown out there )

    h)     Ask government of Australia to lay down bond(never hurts to ask) – they’ve thrown much more money other places in this areaof research so maybe there is a slush fund someone can tap into

    i)       A combination of the above (e.g if you are goingto wipe interest and effectively “reward” ELF holders, also provide an opportunityfor those that have already  converted,and thus losing their time value of money from having sourced it from somewhereelse, to also somehow gain a proportional benefit)

    j)       Walk away, start somewhere else


    I am not advocating any of the above (although I would leantowards some over others of course), just trying to flush out in my head what Iwould consider if I were a decision-maker for ECT in this situation.


    Eager to hear items I may have missed under option “e”, somegreat discussion going on here today, love hearing it from all sides.

    I agree, it's good to see creative ideas... doesn't hurt does it.

    Thanks for thinking of me MDJ, good to see at least one person cares enough to think of me (even if somewhat pointedly)

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