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questions about sbl, need help...

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    Hello dear shareholders of sbl.
    I hope you can help me. I have some questions about sbl.
    This stock is absolutely unknown in germany.
    I saw this stock, by researching for most cheapest goldexplorer near production in westafrika.

    Here are my questions:
    - what do you think about the production costs?
    - i didn't understand the deal with Mwana, please explain me
    - there is a drilling program on the run? how big is it?
    - what are the 5 openpit-deposits, wich have been in producing by a goldprice of 300 USD?
    - is there still a resource for economic production?
    - when we will hear about the mining study?
    - what will be the profit for sbl before/after costs per oz (1050 USD)?
    - had the management ever made a "bring on production" story?
    - how much money will be needed to make the CIL-Plant ready for working 350tp.a.?
    - when sbl want to have build a resource of 2 Mio oz?
    - when sbl want to bring on production?
    - which deposits have priority?
    - where on the sbl deposit is the most hopefully potential?

    Thank you very much, Mikro
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