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Question to butcherano re hardman placement

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    Butcherano Hi just a question
    Who is your stockbroker
    The reason I am asking is my stockbroker spoke to Ted (MD) on Friday and asked him straight out about the placement you mentioned.Ted said there is NOTHING planned in the short term but medium term they will make a placement.
    Also I have just spoke to ASIC and ASX.ASX said that if a Co. is to make a placement they must disclose that imformation to the ASX(section 3.1)Which they clearly have not.So if your information is true that a placement has already been made then Hardman are in breech of that act and the directors face heavy fines and or imprisonment.Also the legal ramifications from disgrunted hdrwma and hdrwmb holders are enormous.I cant believe that the directors would be that stupid
    So back to the question .Who is your stock broker.
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