question re shorting

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    AS one gets more experience in the share markets you come to accept and live with the whole concept of shorting and concede that it is simply another instrument which allows participation in the markets.

    This is fine, but what puzzles me (there is probably a simple answer) is why information on shorting is scarce and after the event !?

    The lousy page by the asx '' is (a) always after the event and (b) a bit of a cop out in terms of 'we will give you a crappy text file with the least information that we have to'.

    If general shorting is a legitemate and perfectly valid transaction in the share market, then I for one would like to know how much of the current market volume are short transactions (in real time!).

    i.e. if a particular stock is getting sold mainly due to shorting, this would be handy to know!
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