question for us bashers...

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    All I ask, is that looking from a selfish perspective, that being Australians, who would we rather have as the most powerful nation in this world, the US or GB, or one of Iraq, North Korea, China etc?

    If Australia was attacked, who would come to our aid? I assure you it wouldn't be any of the latter countries, and therefore I see Australia has no real choice but to pamper to the requests if the likes of the US. We can't kid ourselves, Australia would be helpless on our own against almost any well-organised attack, and regardless of peoples ideologies and who the real terrorists are (I dont consider US government terrorists by the way), we have NO choice.

    There is no doubt in my mind, Iraq will soon be in the midst of a war. Playing a neutral hand would be tanatamount to Australia telling the US, we no longer need their support. It is something Australia cannot afford.

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