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question for mikekiller and hello to everybody

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    Hi Everybody,

    I just heard about this forum from a friend and join yesterday. I just read all the post and everything on hear sounds very positive (with good reason).

    I have a question for Mikekiller. All your posts are bang on from what my sources are telling me. I have asked my sources about the dilution of this stock (which is my only concern regaurding CPL). They say don't worry about it, everything is going great and according to plan. So my queastion is, when CPL hits the TSX, will the stock be diluted more or will they move some of the shares from the ASX to the TSX? Any idea how many shares will be made available on the TSX? Any idea how much more dilution wil take place? I live in Canada and I have a wack of shares all on the ASX (which actually sucks because the fee to trade is nearly 1% from a CDN instatution to the ASX).

    Anyways, thanks for you time and good luck to all. There is definately good time ahead :)

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