question for labor supporters

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    I have read many posts about our PM and alot have been negative and a very few have been postive. I am taking that everyone like me that come on to this forum has a high interest in finance and our primary objective is to make a good living from our interest in shares.

    There is no doubt we are heading for some diffcult times , the world share markets are in free fall and alot of small business for a while now are doing it really tough. We have retailers crying poor and consumers have stop spending and are struggling to make ends meet.

    Companies profits are going to be hit hard again like the GFC M1 and we could be heading to a GFC M2.

    The best thing the PM can do now is try and lift confidence and she can do that by delaying the introduction of a carbon tax (that a large precentage of people do not want) till after the next election if she gets in. She has a really good excuse now ,that no one can question and hey she might even save Labor from a white wash.

    The question now is basically directed to Labor supports

    Should this carbon tax after the recent events here and oversea be delayed?????????????????????????????????????

    If the answer is NO surely the PM will not be acting in the best interest of Australia.

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