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    Subject re: + vcr and medicare + stolwyk
    Posted 23/08/03 13:55 - 103 reads
    Posted by gominer
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    i have the pleasure of answering this idiot stolwyk
    VCR is losing money because it cannot make any money until they have finished the trials and actually can make money. They have money to finish the trials, and will be in profit in the next year once trials are finished.
    Since you are so brash, why dont you indicate how VCR can make money whilst still in trial
    It has a product in development that is aimed at a world market of $7 - $14 billion so whilst this product is being ok'ed so to speak in your language, why dont you try and advise the company
    Idiots like you can really spoil a forum thread!

    I note in the above post you mention a potential market of $7-14bn, what is your source please?

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