Talk about not providing sources..... "The price of electricity...

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    Talk about not providing sources..... "The price of electricity has risen because of the coal generation. "
    So you can just make up crap and post it. Please provide the source.

    The reason why the price of power has increased in Germany is because of the increased reliance on unreliable windmills and solar panels.

    Google " Deutschland Strompreise steigen auf ein Rekordhoch" The stories are in German so you'll need to translate it.

    If Renewables Are So Cheap Why Is Germany’s Electricity So Expensive?

    “If renewables are so gosh-darn cheap, why does Germany now have the highest electricity prices in Europe?” In fact, the average cost of electricity is nearly 30 cents per kilowatt hour, almost three times higher in Germany than it is in the United States."

    "The EEG surcharge, which is used to finance the expansion of renewable energies,"

    "Last year, there were over 150 electricity price increases in the first half of the year."

    Germans are fed up with windmills
    German wind energy stalls amid public resistance and regulatory hurdles

    The German Economy Ministry has held a summit to discuss a dramatic slowdown in the wind energy sector that's threatening agreed climate goals. The problems are due to policy mistakes and growing public resistance.

    Bavaria against wind power
    Last week, the Bavarian government implemented the long-awaited 10-H rule, which will effectively put an end to wind power in the state.
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