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question 4 sagittarius55

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    From your recent posts I have noticed that you show a fair deal of intelligence and seem to know a fair deal about FAS.

    On the 14th December you posted

    "Suggested links between FAS and GWR are pure speculation and besides they are not in the same business. One explores for gold and uranium the other for iron ore. Synergy between the two stocks therefore does not exist. The only similarities between these two maybe due to having similar core shareholders. However what benefits accrue other than by association with the successful GWR performance over the last 6 months are at best nebulous.

    FAS is a cashed up junior with an apparently strong Board. Lets see what they achieve as the expectations are reflected in the current strong stock performance and good technicals at the outset. "

    Is this view your current view???

    Also is their any potential for FAS to have any haematite that GWR may be interested in???
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