Queensland LNP Leadership Squabbles

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    To borrow the words from the old XXXX TV ads, I can feel an LNP squabble coming on.

    Well, they did have a squabble over scheduling a leadership meeting tomorrow.  According to Seeney it was on, according to Fiona Simpson and Newman it was off.  God bless the Qld LNP of old.

    Anyhoo.  The potential leadership team:

    1.  Newman.  The FIFO leader, who never served his apprenticeship in Opposition or the backbench, spat his dummy and took his ball home.  No more politics for him.   

    2. Jeff Seeney.  Part of the failed leadership regime.  Thankfully he's not recontesting.  I wonder if he gets to keep his $300,000 a year private charter plane allowance (y'know the one he commuted to Brisbane to tell people fiscal austerity was required).  Lets not mention he (and LNP MPs) were legally forced to take a proposed 42% pay rise (again, all while fiscal austerity was the priority).

    3. Tim Nichols.  Newman's puppeteer.  Author of the dodgy Audit Commission Report.  Planner of the budgetary shock and awe that contributed to Queensland's high unemployment and falling government revenue.  Spent $10+ million on Strong Choices website and survey that conclusively proved Queenslanders wanted assets sales (oops leasing).

    4. Fiona Simpson.   Fiona says she is a cleanskin.  Didn't have anything to do with LNP's policies or how they were conveyed, she says.  The public loves her, she says.

    5.  Springborg.  If they want a waiting list to be turned into two waiting lists, The Borg is their man.

    6.  Langbroek.  John Paul has been there before.  Not sure TAFE students will vote for him after 300% fee rises.

    7.  Emerson.   Sgt Shultz he knows nothing.
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