Queen Mary 2 Cruise Liner

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    The fire at the Japanese shipyard which damaged a cruise liner attracted my attention to the dimensions of the new range of ships.The new Cunard liner being built in France for completion in 2004 is 1350 feet long and carries 3870 passengers and crew.This size is the equivalent of one of the World Trade towers,hence the significance of this post.There are many other liners of this size on the drawing boards and thus the high seas will be home to them.The security danger must be huge but I doubt much thought has been put in this direction.This means that the current Iraq,United Nations,us and them,and any other form of confrontation must be lifted to the highest level for a resolution.Any hurried mistakes could see terrorism take another step upwards and a ship going down.A war that creates more problems than it solves is not what we need at this time.By keeping the dialogue at a high public level,those that want to be different to the rest of the world will be brought down with little bloodshed and more longer lasting results.It is the long lasting results that the world needs,not the short quick fix that needs constantly patching up.Meantime I shall dream of a cruise on one of those monsters.
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