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Some truthful and informative post above. I will not comment,...

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    Some truthful and informative post above.

    I will not comment, except for one sentence, on this FMS BOD comments on ‘Corporate Activities’ in the 31st March 2019 quarterly report as others have and I assume others will correspond to the market the alternative view of just what did take place in the quarter and earlier.

    That one exception is “The Board of Directors are extremely disappointed in this outcome.”

    BUT the actual owners of Flinders Mines Ltd, except possibly one or two, are “Extremely delighted with this outcome”. This is a fact now proven by actual events.

    The Board of Directors of FMS are in fact saying indirectly and publicly they cannot agree with the wishes of the great majority of FMS owners.

    So obviously, in my opinion, and by this Board of Directors very words, this now proven highly incompetent board must resign immediately and a new BOD should then take this company to a productive position as quickly as possible. This, of course, should have happened some time ago. Yes, funds would necessarily be needed and with a positive & progressive outlook from a new competent board then they (funds) would be raised forthwith.

    Never forget we have over 1 billion tonne of proven iron ore and probably much more in ‘them thar hills’. That is a valuable resource especially when you do the figures at today FE price.

    My assumption is somewhere over 4000 shareholders want this board terminated so please oblige us and just depart. You have had your go.


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