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quarterly retains strong base but neg cash flows

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    on it’s own the qtr shows negative cash flows from the third highest ever qtly receipts. not encouraging on it’s own but we’ll see how the next three qtrs pan out. excellent prices rec for product which got hammered by development, production and admin. net cash going forward is $6.65m. more farmin talk and the fact the ceo has just added 100k at 16 cents remains a positive. not much but better than negative. revenues and tariff invoicing remains bumpy and is best looked at on an annual basis. overall, mos retains a strong base but without the wanted jump in positive cash flow along with the ideal wish for something bigger than lighter refill successes. the good news will come as long as mos doesn’t blow it’s budget. unlikely, considering the farmin routes it’s taking. tuesdays close of 16 cents is near bargain territory with the forward drilling outlook. at under 16 cents, it’s worth picking up. aimho as usual.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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