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quarterly report

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    I took two positive things from the quarterly

    1. They produced 4,005 ounces, assuming that they were still ramping up it would be likely that they achieved the 1,600 oz revised target for September. Which hopefully places them on the curve to achieve the revised forecast for the second quarter.

    2. Metallurgical recoveries are running at 95% compared to budget 93%. If this performance is maintained on a consistent basis this will yield in the order of an additional 700 to 1,000 oz over a full year (based on annualised production rates as reported in February). This is essentially free as there is little marginal cost involved. Using budget assumptions this would result in an additional $600 to $850k in revenue which would fall through to the bottom line as profit.

    Even though these are positives as per my post yesterday this stock is not without risk.
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