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quarterly report out

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    Last paragraph all but confirms it!

    More Long Lead Items Ordered for the Smokey Hills PGM Project
    Following the appointment of GRD Minproc as the EPCM contractor for the construction of the processing plant and related infrastructure, orders have been placed for further long lead items including crushers, vibrating screens, concentrate filter, spiral concentrators and flotation cells.

    At the Smokey Hills PGM Project in South Africa, following the appointment of GRD Minproc as the EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) Contractor significant progress has been made in the detailed design for the plant and related infrastructure as well as the ordering of equipment. By the end of the quarter orders had been placed for almost all of the long lead items including mills, crushers, vibrating screens, flotation cells, concentrate filter, spiral classifiers, transformers and electrical switchgear.

    In discussions the South African Department of Minerals and Energy have indicated that the granting of the Mining Right for the Smokey Hills Project is imminent and it is anticipated that this will be issued in the near future.
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