quantum entanglement

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    Just watched on the plane a couple of fascinating documentaries produced by the BBC about the secrets of quantum mechanics.

    The famous double slit experiment where Bell Labs in USA discovered that firing single electrons at a double slit produces not a random smattering of strikes on the back plate, but a distribution pattern over time that shows wave like action - interference patterns on the strike plate.

    And the later discovery by splitting a beam of photons that particles that are entangled, can transmit their state to the other particle instantaneously no matter how far apart they are - thus breaking Einstein's theory that nothing, including information, can travel faster than the speed of light.

    These 2 ground breaking discoveries are the foundation of the modern understanding of the quantum world. And man oh man what a mind bender it is!!!

    Would love others on this forum to contribute their knowledge and understanding of this subject, I'm totally over the AGW debates that dominate almost every other thread.

    Any takers?
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