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    Looks like there is some renewed interest in this largely igoned stock. Over 6m shares traded this morning. Is it because of the announcement? Or something else is brewing?

    China Update One Year On


    HOMEX - Brisbane


    Quadtel Ltd (ASX:QTL), takes the first anniversary of its investment
    in China as an opportunity to update shareholders on the progress
    made so far.

    Quadtel is pleased to advise that Hong Kong Dragon Industries Limited
    (HKDI), in which Quadtel has a 7.5% stake, is making significant
    progress to solidify the position of HDKIs 100% owned subsidiary
    Ningbo GWT Network Communication Co, Ltd (NGNC) as a manufacturer
    /supplier of communications products into the China market.


    HKDI reports that it has recently entered into a manufacturing
    agreement with the developers of leading edge wireless communications
    equipment. This is strategically important in two respects as it
    enables HKDI to;

    1. Provide state of the art equipment at an extremely competitive
    price for the communications network previously reported to be
    deployed in Ningbo by NGNC.

    2. Compete effectively to supply wireless equipment outside the
    Ningbo region to both the public and private sectors.

    NGNC has implemented the process to obtain the necessary equipment
    certifications to facilitate supplying equipment into government
    owned businesses (which comprise 80% of all businesses in China). The
    recent certification of the GWT Dragon series NAS products that NGNC
    will manufacture and distribute will be replicated for the wireless
    communication equipment. Over and above ISO 9001 certification which
    is expected to be achieved in February of this year certification
    will be sought from the following:

    * Ministry of Information Industry
    * General Affairs Department, Peoples Liberation Army
    * Broadcast and Television Head Quarters
    * China State Confidentiality Head Quarters

    To supply into Chinese Government departments these certifications
    are required.


    NGNC in co-operation with Shanghai GWT Bolang Software Development Co
    Ltd (SGB) is establishing a systems integration business which will
    in turn be certified to supply to government. This will create
    significant opportunity for Quadtel to supply into a broader client
    base than was originally envisaged.

    NGNC has requested that Quadtel quote on the supply of the soft
    switches that are required to interface between the Voice Over
    Internet Protocol (VOIP) services and the ATM switched network
    servicing the Ningbo network. The supply for soft switches is
    anticipated to be required in at least 10 regional centers
    representing order potential in excess of 40 million USD. The
    deployment of the switches is expected to be over the next 24 months
    with the initial installation scheduled for the middle of 2003.


    Further to the manufacturing agreement, HKDI reports that NGNC has
    entered into an agreement with Shanghai GWT Bolang Software
    Development Co, Ltd (SGB), an associated company, which will see NGNC
    operate, on a joint venture basis with SGB, a data warehouse which
    will supply data storage and information management services to the
    NGNC clients in the Ningbo region and will act as a mirror site to
    the data warehouse being established in Shanghai by SGB. This will
    not only provide additional revenue to NGNC it will serve to
    consolidate the loyalty of clients on the communications network.

    Design of the data warehouses has been implemented and Quadtel has
    supplied the equipment for the initial stage of the NOC being
    established in Ningbo.

    The Quadtel management team are excited with the achievements made
    over the last 12 months, especially considering the complexity of the
    Chinese market, and would like to thank shareholders for their
    patience and support. With the experience and knowledge gained in
    China, 2003 looks set to be a great year.

    For Further Information contact:

    Billy Cina David Ramsay
    Tel: +61 2 8852 4651 Mobile: +61 409 977 799
    E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]
    or visit: www.quadtel.com.

    Quadtel and the Quadtel logo, Marketing Results and the Marketing
    Results logo are registered trademarks of Quadtel Ltd. All rights

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Currently unlisted public company.

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