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    Sorry more on that last message;
    QTM Update 2: It seems like the CEO of QTM is coming home from China earlier than expected. He was going to China to finalize some contracts and the word is that that is all done, signed and sealed and he will be back early next week. This may see the release of some big news with QTM grabbing somewhere near $50M of new contracts. QTM is currently a very profitible company making 20% profit per month AFTER TAX and it looks like making a profit of around $19-$20M by the year end. With the new contracts, this figure may be far higher. Not bad when so many companies are not making any money at all. This will be shown in their financials which should be out within the next month at most.

    QTM Update 3: To top this all off, I am hearing rumors of a joint venture with one of Australia's Major Electrical Companies. As you know, the heat banks are electrical on the units and this joint venture would see production being ramped big time to meet the extreme backorders QTM is facing in Australia. This would then see distribution of the QTM product on a National basis with huge exposure. This alone will be absolutely huge. Again, this one is a rumor but I believe has very solid basis. I do not know which electrical company this is.

    QTM Update 4: There was a very good article in the Weekly Times, P61 I believe, about QTM. Check it out if you can get it. Now hearing that Sinopec, which is QTM's joint venture partner in China, China's biggest company and the 61st biggest in the world with 250,000 employees, is in negotiations with some European Cold Climate Countries for the QTM heaters.

    All in all, this update contains some huge news on QTM. Great profits, great new contracts, great new joint ventures. I have never been so bullish on QTM than I am now. I believe that QTM will be $1.20 in a week or so and $1.50 within a month or 2.
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