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    Qtk has had a big spike on Fri. I have observed over the last few days that it has been strengthening from the 2 cents level. I was surprised a few weeks ago when it reported the UK roolout and the stock hardly reacted. I think it was because of the issue at 2cents. Now that this has been beded down then everyone is refocussing on the UK M25 rollout of the system and due to commence this month- so hopefully we will hear some good news there to spike it to our green alert level of 4cents.

    Also in an announcement some weeks ago its subsidiary in the UK listed on a UK exchange and the company holds 40million of shares and at that time each share was trading at 4opence or close to a dollar Aussie. This investment must be worth a lot to Qtk and that has seem to be valued in the current share price.

    There was an announcement on the Holland system as well some weeks ago so hopefully we will hear a bit more on that as well. With these systems in place qtk is ready for contarcts to be signed particularly in the UK.

    I feel that it has hit its bottom of 2cents and now turning around heading towards 5 cents which was the level before the issue was announced. The volumes in the last few days seem to support a move up.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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