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qtk could end this fiasco in they wanted too

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    as the qtk sp continues to flounder WHY do the company not come out and explain what is happening with the $380 million chinese contract?

    if they came straight out and said, these are the problems we have encountered, this is what we are doing to fix it, this is when we will begin delivering revenue, it could have an instantly favourable response to the shareprice.

    why do they not do it? one has to conclude that china is mothballs, i can see no other possible explanation.

    in the interest of market integrity, the ASX must ask questions in relation to this matter or how can any investor ever invest with confidence in any company, ever again, with any degree of confidence based on what is reported in an official announcement to the market?

    it is nothing short of a scandal and i am astounded that outside this forum so little is said of the matter.
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