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    The captial adjustment for QTK shareholders took place several months ago, it's finished, over, kaput.

    QTK australia has NOTHING to do with the UK.

    I fail to see any value in QTK Australia, this country is far too large an area for their technology to work economically, a view the directors must share because they have been dumping QTK (aust) shares massively. Read the notices to the ASX for confirmation. Damelian, an ex director, and Investika, an investment company own by three of QTK's directors have been flogging the script for just about anything others are willing to pay, right down to .005 cents.

    QTK uk on the other hand, could be a winner. Massive numbers of vechicles in a very small area suits the quicktraks technology, which uses triangulation between three radio antennea.

    Hope this helps.
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