QLD Rents will Soar by 22%, Home Values Dive, page-3

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    LOL the desperation is obvious as all the coalition have left is fallacious scare campaigns.

    The Coalition sycophants reckon on the one hand that property values will collapse but then claim that rents will rocket. If rents rocket that must increase value of property so their is a contradiction in the claims being made. The reality is that their may be a modest correction in property prices over a period of time and given more propert investment is likely in new homes and apartments there will be more rental stock become available and will keep the lid on rents. Seniors are downsizing in droves moving ino apartments and that trend will likely continue they will sell or rent their established homes to accomodate that and create opportunity in existing property for homebuyers or for renters.

    Your alarmist propaganda is just politically motivated imo.
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