Qld graziers bill govts $2.1m for 'kangaroo agistm

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    Qld graziers bill govts $2.1m for 'kangaroo agistment'

    A group of graziers in Queensland's south-west has billed the Federal Government and the State Government for kangaroo agistment.

    They claim they have been feeding more than 150,000 kangaroos over almost 370,000 hectares.

    An invoice of $2.1 million, including GST, has been forwarded on behalf of 12 landholders.

    Pru Barkla from Rosscoe Downs, near Cunnamulla, says the graziers, who are in the middle of a crippling drought, simply want to draw attention to the problem.

    ''When you see those figures you know a lot of people know what a dollar sign looks like and we are not expecting a cheque in the mail but we are expecting some action," she said.

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