Qld Gov Increases Fossil Fuel Subsidies

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    How much more money is going to get poured into this dying industry in an effort to slow it's demise?

    "The issue highlights the extraordinary mess that state governments find themselves in with Australia’s archaic energy markets.
    Like Western Australia, Queensland pays extraordinary amounts to subsidise the cost of transporting mostly coal-fired power from centralised plants to consumers hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away.
    Even though the networks who deliver the power say that it would be far cheaper – and more reliable – to have localised renewable-focused micro-grids, no progress has been made because Australia’s energy rules, locked in the last century, show no incentive for creating thinking, or cutting prices to consumers.
    Which means that the state government’s have to go on subsidising that centralised power, and increasing those subsidies, as the main generators continue to push prices up by gaming the market and increasing network costs."

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