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    I think it will be the middle of next week before a final outcome is known.
    But it looks very likely with well over 80% of votes counted that the eventual result will be
    ALP 44 seats.
    LNP 42 seats.
    OTH 3 seats.
    In that situation only the ALP could realistically form government with the support of at least one of the Others, which they now have.
    So in a week's time Queensland can expect to have a minority ALP government.
    FWIW I will lose my bet on an LNP win, but will get that back plus a bit more because of winning a small wager on a hung parliament which offered quite good odds. I expected a hung parliament but with the LNP scraping back into power.
    Many members of this new government are also new to parliament and hopefully will be a breath of fresh air.
    The new unlikely Premier, who is probably still in shock, has made the right noises so far about broad consultation and moving slowly with legislation.
    Dave R.
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