QLD election, final result by Wednesday

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    Counting ends Tuesday night.
    45 Seats required to form government.
    At this stage
    ALP have secured 44 seats
    LNP have secured 39 seats
    KAP have secured 2 seats
    IND has secured 1 seat.
    Three seats remain undecided but all are likely to go to the LNP, giving them 42 seats.
    Newman is still caretaker Premier, with the LNP caretaker government.
    As the IND has sided with the ALP they will have the 45 seats needed for government.
    The KAP has not announced who they will support.
    If things pan out as it appears they will QLD should have an ALP government later this week.
    There may or may not be a by-election in Ferny Grove which Labor has narrowly won.
    If there is a by-election it is probably about six months away and we need a government sooner than that.
    Dave R.
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