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QFX up 100% in one day

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    For all the non believers in QFX find a new stock.

    IMHO QFX is going to defy all the naysayers and become a true Aussie battler story.
    I like the product and I receive a great service when I want it and have no complaints.
    Just to qualify that my glass is always half full. Any negative things in my life I just side step.
    Will tomorrow bring another 50% gain. The company has certainly an opportunity to succeed with this market place being one of the most volatile and discussed mediums since Foxtell, Optus and Galaxy went to war.
    Just remember we are only receiving what the world has had for years and an Aussie battler has been out there providing us (Not U.S) the service we want for many years now. QFX deserves a great big pat on the back.

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