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    My good old mate Hookek. Hope u had a good christmas mate.

    QCU will be one of the first IPO's of the yr. so regarding copper stays high which is expected due to another article in the fin today stating that inventory supplies of copper have infact fallen and the price is a true measure of the demand, supply fundamentals and not speculation as what was suspected in the run up to christmas.

    In regards to the large number of expected IPO's whether or not they all get to market is another question however you would see this as a good indicator of the growing optimism for sustained growth for the next yr at least. Because obviously investment banks and other consortiums are trying to lock in profits while the goings good.

    in regards to QCU, the large number of IPO's wont effect it that much as being one of the first of 2010 to list if fully subscribed demand should be strong and because the number of shares on offer have been reduced could even be oversubscribed. However all those that got the original retail allocation will get all their allotment which is good for me and you.

    so all in all QCU is going to be a lovely listing and with the extra discount now on offer due to the lower consideration is all positive to the QCU holder.

    Might i also add this lower consideration was in no means as a result of any negative things in regard to lady annie but rather a necessary action advised by Paterson's securities as a result of the negative connotations that many reporters would love to have drawn from the UK investor not meeting his payment. so infact thanks to our UK mate QCU is now even more attractive. was a shame for CFE holders but i'm not complaining as still a 300%+ return on purchase consideration and still many rabbits in the bag to be released in the next 6 months. so CFE and QCU will be one to watch in the next 6 months especially if Timmis and Sage had a brief business discussion over the christmas turkey.
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