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    Check out point 4.How to make a gazillion in a few days roflmao. too easy campese. I posted this a few days ago. Can I finally get some recognition around here sheez lol.

    Posted: 22/02/08 12:49

    here's what I know.
    1. historically (sp500 going back 60 odd years) all major routs bounce, retest and usually take off. Its been that way for decades. August rout was retested in January and at least 2 generations of punters expect it to take off right about here, based on their experience of the market.
    - thats a lot of potential money pouring in to the upside.
    2. the US has defrauded the world with the potential economic equivalent of a nuke. Subprime and probably prime nonsense fraudulaently rated high quality, repackaged and is basically a sh!t sandwich sold as gems. The world will not trust the US for a decade and until we see somekind of apocalypse and rebirth.
    4. I said back last year somewhere resources would crack and then the banks and finally insurers would follow. Watch QBE its about to CRASH imo.
    5. No one will escape the carnage that will follow when 2 generations of bulls realise the pattern they are following in number 1. is retested and is failing.
    6. Even if carnage does not ensue we have tightening lending standards, rising interest rates and depressed global consumers/economies which will destroy any desire to leverage and push the stockmarket at high margins.

    Who needs EW. Equities will remain depressed for a few years. There will be a few gems in the bunch but mostly it will be a boring ?2 years ahead.
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