qan & vrl - a couple of viewpoints...fwiw

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    Qantas (QAN, $3.90) OUTPERFORM [links to]
    Gary Suckling, a financial consultant with Salomon Smith Barney Private, says SSBP believes Qantas is one of the best positioned airlines in the world. "We believe it should be trading closer to $5.20, which is about a market multiple of 14 times 2003 earnings," he says. He says this is because of Qantas' unique market position, quality management, the rationalisation of the Australian market and the possibility of it taking a stake in Air New Zealand. Mr Suckling says SSBP rates Qantas a "high-risk" investment. For disclosures about this company, visit

    Village Roadshow (VRL, $1.32) SELL [links to]
    Peter Bolton, a private client adviser with Tolhurst Noall, says Village Roadshow has consistently failed to increase its profits over the years. "For the past decade it has gone from the promise of a high-growth company to that of a serial underperformer," he says. "From time to time investors rediscover their optimism and bid the price up when the company releases a popular movie, but I would view the recent strength in the share price as an opportunity to get out and into something more reliable."

    Data Commerce (DCL, $0.12) SELL [links to]
    For much of the 1990s, Jeff Kennett dominated Victorian politics. Following his party's defeat by Labor in 1999, he was expected to transfer the same deft touch to the business world. But in the case of the broadcasting services group, Data Commerce, where Mr Kennett was the star recruit for its talkback radio station 3AK, he has not delivered. First he failed to boost the station's ratings, then last November, he quit the board. Financially, it has cost Mr Kennett dearly. And it's been no better for other shareholders in Data Commerce, which floated in 2000 at 40 cents a share. The results to June 30 last year were red ink to the tune of $11 million, and a plunging share price to match. A stock that briefly traded above 40 cents last March is now around 12 cents. Only supreme optimists could expect any massive revival in its fortunes
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