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    pac57 is another poster that I often pay attention to.  I understand that he has a strong style and stronger gut for stocks than many other investors.  So, like CEOChair, when pac57 talks, we keep quite and listen too.

    But pac57, can't you see why investors can't just place their bet, sit back and wait now?  It's not Senex, the company that is the problem, the problem is the world news, the market, the economy, and most of all, the 'experts'.  Every people is reading and watching CNBC news like a hawk.  And, the experts are telling them that they are 'definitely' in the final bull stage now, they will be having an 'earning recession' in 2019, and they will be 'definitely' having a real recession, a real bear market in 2020.  Although the same things are said in the past years, the recession news are so convincing and spreadable that people find it very hard to shrug them off.  Then, the oil price experts are telling them that the oil pipelines in US will come into full capacity starting late 2019, that the oil market will be flushed with US shale oil, and that oil prices will collapse again.  What about the facts that we are in a still-growing but low-interest-rate, low-inflation-rate environment now, that the oil markets are rebalancing  and shale oil production is slowing down because of the low WTI oil price?  People just don't buy them, because the recession news is always sounding more real.

    Investors are in fears now and it is not because of the company, pac57.  Senex and Beach have no fundamental problems.  They are just the pair that traders like to play on when the market is in fears.  They are the ideal target because they have enough retail investors and transaction volumes to help traders moving prices up and down.  Traders find it hard to play on big caps like WPL.  They can't play on the mid-cap, Cooper Energy because it has strong support from institution investors now (due to the fact that its gas production is expecting to rise significantly as soon as FY2020, sooner than Senex.)  And, other mid-caps are simply not liquid enough to be an ideal playing target.      

    I am 70% a buy-and-hold type investor.  But, in this stage of the market which is surrounded by fears, I just find it too hard to be a 100% buy-and-hold investor like you, pac57.  So, tell me, pac57, how do you endure the pain of seeing your favourite stock, being pushed up to 50c (and you didn't sell), then push back down to 26c (and you couldn't buy - because you had already bought too much, or that because you haven't got much bullets left, being nearly fully invested). 

    Again, we are not criticizing anyone here.  We are in the same boat and we just want to share and learn.  So, pac57, how do you survive with your pure 100%-value-investing-and-0%-market-timing style (that could be really painful at times) all these years and still make good profits?  Please share with us!   

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