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    Thought many of us long term holders and believers in EN1 should concentrate on the fundamentals going forward and thus i start this new thread.

    My estimates for the next few quarters:

    - Q2 = $4mil -$4.5mil revenue and that is about 100%-120% increase from Q1. So far 1st month of Q2 has been 200% of Q1 daily average revenue and has seen $1.33mil. May and June could see higher revenue than April. Therefore $4.5mil could well be reached. This does not take into account of 2nd batch of integrations which i believe will be mostly completed in this month and we could see immediate incremental revenue.

    - Q3 = potentially $7.5mil - $8mil. As the 2nd batch of integrations is activated essentially in May, we will see the full effect on revenue of it in this 3rd quarter. As we have seen 1st batch of activations brought revenue from 14.8k/day at the begining of Q1 to 48k at the end of Q1. That is more than 33k extra daily revenue. So, my conservative estimate is that the 2nd batch will rake in at least 23k extra revenue per day which is $2mil extra per quarter. Plus, seasonality effect of conservative 25% as stated by management (2nd half of the year is double the revenue of the 1st half). So, Q3 should be = (Q2 + extra $2mil)×1.25 = $7.5mil-$8mil.

    - Q4 = add in 25%-35% seasonality effect on Q3, plus any activations/integrations from AdCel 40+ clients, plus any new sources of revenue from Facebook paid social ads + TikTok + CBD canabis ads + IconicReach influencer platform = potentially $10mil- $12mil.

    I think Ted is very confident as reflected by his language in his recent tweets/Instagram posts eg "Domination 100-0", "Success is sweet revenge", " infectiously opptimistic"....Ted clearly knows what EN1 is up to.

    With $8mil - $10mil quarterly revenue, some ASX stocks have MC of more than $300mil. I will update these stocks tomorrow. Most of these stocks are still losing money.

    I think many shareholders here are being fooled by the manipulators. They dont realize they are actually holding a stock with absolutely brilliant potential of reaching sp of 25c-30c by the end of the year if the above projections of quarterly revenues are smashed by Ted. And i believe Ted will smash it.

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