I agree re political parties. Party politics in Australia and...

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    I agree re political parties. Party politics in Australia and USA sending the countries backwards. China meanwhile steaming ahead because they have a government elected to govern, no oppostion given equal time to destry public confidence. China might appear a one party state but it's really a one party government. The public elect their politicians at local level, I think there are 8 or so registered political parties plus independents can run as well. Those locally elected pliticians then vote for higher levels of government. So at moment with Communist party winning the majority of local elections it naturally follows that the national government then formed is basically from the Communist Party.
    In Australia we might get a similar scheme by abolishing state governments. Then having say 500 local representatives elected by public. Then those 500 elect an actual government of say 20 or so to actually run the country. Then we should get an actual government of best talent available from all parties, hopefully anyway.
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