Q&A Feb 2nd 2015

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    How refreshing to have someone like Jacquie Lambie on Q&A; someone who does not mince her words. She even declared her view that Tony Abbott won't last another week as PM because he doesn't deserve to.

    Her candid comments were infectious on other panellists except for Barnaby Joyce. Poor old Barnaby found himself acting as the apologist for Tony Abbott and what a meal he made of that really tricky role.

    Senator John Madigan [Ind. Vic Senator] mounted a passionate defence of our submarine builders in what was in stark contrast to the ignorant abuse directed their way by Abbott's ministers. He lamented the waste of time and energy over Abbott's stupid knights and dames while crucial matters such as family violence and the impact of budget cuts on the social fabric gain no attention.

    Larissa Waters [Qld Greens Senator] noted that Abbott has squandered $Billions in revenue as he effectively gave up on making wealthy and powerful tax avoiders pay their fair share and even targeted the poorest in society as the source to replace that slack.

    And perhaps for the first time since he ceased to be Treasurer, Wayne Swan mounted a passionate defence of the ALP's record and explained just how wrong the current Abbott-Hockey 'economic strategy' is. Barnaby was left choking on his tongue as Swan's passionate explanation resonated with the audience.
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