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    I set some time aside over the weekend to re read PVDM’s email exchange with @trothlis about the Co’s claims regarding Akida. While it would be wrong to not acknowledge the effort put into this by him, his release of the emails and the considerable benefits to all BRN shareholders (I know this has been discussed at length already) a couple of points I wish to mention.

    My first concern was who the hell is this guy and what were trothlis’ real motives? Like lets face it, he wasn’t going to be satisfied till he got right down to the tin tacks of the architecture of our new chip; for example, how do you fit an 11M neuron VGG-16 implementation in it’s entirety on a 1.2M neuron chip. And PVDM repeatedly said there was no multiplexing. confused.pngconfused.png Whatever; the Company didn’t really owe him anything. But his post about Akida on hotcopper had questioned the tech (well a lot of the specs didn’t appear to add up, fair enough, but it did come across like an insinuation that PVDM’s invention was based on a lot of smoke and mirrors) and these issues the Co therefore had to address.

    And in regard to Peter, I have to say how impressed I was with him and the way he handled what amounted to an inquisition, or an attack on many of the claims of Akida and the future price of the chip. In the face of dogged questioning, Peter with so little bloody little time to devote to this always came across coherent, unbelievably polite even between the lines, bending over backwards to explain, even trying to help him by giving clues when he was getting too close to the secret sauce.

    So to answer the question, who the hell is trothlis; well he hasn’t really made any attempt to hide his identity. His digital footprint is easy to locate. While the Company had little choice but to defend itself here and it probably still has some lingering questions about his motives,I’m satisfied his interests in Akida are genuine. Anyway PVDM has done an exceptional job providing the detail he could while keeping the invention under wraps. There are about 50 emails all up in this exchange, some are long, some are tough going but for those that are interested and who haven’t yet had the time, it’s a bloody good read. biggrin.pngbiggrin.png

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