MCO 0.00% 11.0¢ morning star gold n.l.

puzzling over a dyke sediment mineralisation

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    great posts, guys. i am really enjoying the reads.

    i thought i would start a new thread over a geological curiousity. on the morning star website under : MORNING STAR MINE it mentions that 10% of the gold produced at morning star was contained in sediments rather than dyke, mostly at the dyke contact or nearby.

    firstly, that sounds like what is happenning with the drilling at the 7 sub-level.

    secondly, the cohens reef, up the road at walhalla, is predominently a sediment hosted (etc.) vein system in close proximity to a thin (1.7 metre wide) diorite dyke. the dyke was mined to a depth of over 1000 metres.

    thirdly, MCO's waverley dyke (being drilled now) is of similar thickness as cohen's reef, being (from memory) only 4 - 5 metres wide & 6 kilometres along strike. the question is how deep will mineralisation go at waverley.

    and can we, at this early stage, start to draw comparisons.

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