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put sb2000 on ignore,no respect 4 suffering

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    This person has no morals and regard for fellow human beings. have your say and put him on ignore for his comments below

    Subject re: thai pm to sack people over bird flu
    Posted 03/01/05 9:32:33 PM - 3 reads
    Posted by SB2000
    Post #473050 - in reply to msg. 473048 - splitview

    a big viral outbreak of bird flu is needed fredifish simply to focus regional and scienctific attention upon it a few thousand cases should do the trick. Population culling of humans is needed in those asian countries the tidal wave took out 200,000 but its just a drop in the ocean.

    Subject re: 100 million might die?
    Posted 03/01/05 10:04:06 PM - 4 reads
    Posted by SB2000
    Post #473078 - in reply to msg. 473073 - splitview

    500m would be more appriropate fredifish the world is already dangerously overpopulated esp india nad china therefore a correction and natural culling is needed (HIV AIDS is already succeeding in africa) now all that is needed is for an asian pandamic to do the same.
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