VCR ventracor limited

push into us market

  1. 22,691 Posts.
    I noticed that you registered on 27 August and so far have 5 posts.

    Who are you? Are you "Gominer" or "Gomminer"?

    You quote:

    "VentrAssist yesterday appointed Dr Monica Hope, perviously instrumental in winning US FDA approvals for Sirtex Medical, as clinical trials manager".

    Then you say:
    "This is the point I have been trying to make for several weeks.
    It is obvious the next major step is marketing in the USA
    This is why Dr Monica Hope was appointed".

    My reply:
    1. You as Gomminer have only been posting here for a couple of days, so "you couldn't have made a point for several weeks".

    2. If Gomminer=Gominer, please show me some posts "where you made that point for several weeks".

    Obviously, VCR wants to sell devices to the US at some stage, that is no secret.

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