Purpose of posting

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    Why do people post?
    1) It would appear that there are a few exerienced members who post with a genuine hope to help others, to advise newbies and guide them in the right direction, ie, to ignore most posters.
    2)to post as an ego trip, to attempt to demonstrate how much smarter the poster is
    3) An effort to influence people whom are to lazy to do thier own research to buy/sell stocks that they havee an interest in.
    4) People who have nothing better to do

    Advise to new mem bers

    You will not find new information in the forum that will move stock prices

    Before you consider following anyones advice look at thier previous posts to consider if the have positions they are pushing' or if they know what they are talking about.

    Review other forums that may have more researched comments ( not that HC is any less usefull if you accept a lot of posters for what they are)
    Despite the above I find HC a most usefull forum, what it should do is prompt you to research, any ideas that appeart present oppertunities should be fully investigated, but some of them are good ideas.

    Good and successful investing
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