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puntland to become industrial hub

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    Saturday, 22 November 2008 SMC

    Somalia had a number of Mega factories or plants mainly in the area of Agriculture and food sector such as Meat processing plants, fish processing plants, Milk production plants, Leather and hide processing plants, Textile plants, Sugar and Flour Mills, Fertilizer plant and so on.. All these plants were built on a turn key projects by foreign countries or companies, which means 100% of all the mechanical components and the fabricated sheet metals that were used to build on these factories were manufactured in foreign countries and imported. They built for us and had gone back to their countries of origin.

    When a part or component of the plants fails or breaks down during plant operations, then the whole factory/plant's production ceased, spare parts had to be ordered from whoever built the factory in the first place. This was a common decapitating problem in our country.

    Somalia had paid a major price by depending on foreign companies to supply the core spare parts and the basic components to smoothly run the nation's production factories. Although Somalia had managed to buy some Manual Milling and turning machines, but the factories spare parts demand was always higher than the supply or the know how capability for the major parts was never there and could not be manufactured in our country.

    Human operated manual Milling/Turning to manufacture mechanical components or spare parts are things of past. In today's world computers are used to design and manufacture mechanical devices (Computer Aided Design CAD, Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM) and machineries are automated using Computer Numerical Control CNC Milling/Turning machines.

    In today's world, turn key projects for food related plants are no longer feasible, in fact there are more consultant Plant Engineers for hire out there than companies who build complete end to end factories. We cannot afford to make the same previous mistakes to count on foreign.

    Our administration have a cutting edge plan to transform Puntland into industrial hub, hence making Puntland the region's leader in the area of machining and metal fabrication for food processing Plant equipment Manufacturing and Engineering know how.

    We intend to build first in the region, the most modern technologically advanced machining centre (PUNTLAND METAL FABRICATION AND MACHINING CENTRE).This centre will be equipped with modern metal fabrication Machineries and stainless steel processing machineries such as Pending/Punching machines, Laser/Plasma cutting and Shearing machines. It will be also equipped with modern CNC Milling/Turning Machines and liquid Zinc Galvanization line to treat steel sheets with anti-rusting media.
    My administration is already in contact with two companies that will supply us all the machines we need for this centre. These two companies (one German and one Chinese) are willing to donate some equipments to us and the rest we will have to pay for it.

    We are not hiding any details of companies that we are currently communicating with. No matter what the outcome of the 360 delegate selection becomes, my team is prepared to work with and hand over the work we have done so far even if we lose to win hearts and minds of our elders to choose us in order to make this project succeed.

    This is the German company http://www.mag-ias.com/home.html and this is the Chinese company http://www.ysd-hd.diytrade.com/sdp/112751/4/main-236181.html, http://www.ysd-hd.com/ , http://www.alibaba.com/member/zqf54.html.The Chinese Ysd machines are made under technology from lvd company (Belgium) http://www.lvdgroup.com/en/metalworking-tools.aspx Europe's leader in sheet metal machineries.

    First we will build technical school that will train AutoCAD software CAD/CAM/CNC programming professionals, welders, metal fabricators, boilermakers, electricians, plumbers and Draftsmen etc. We will go to India, South Korea, Turkey, China, Malaysia, South Africa and Indonesia bring the best, but cheap professional technical schools teachers/trainers out there to train our future elite trade people and engineers.

    Once we have the manpower and the basic skills in metal fabrication and associated equipment, we will hire professional consultant Engineers and companies that will bring just their labtop with complete detailed CAD/CAM designs for Plants, we intend to manufacture all the parts to build the plants in Puntland supplied by Puntland's Industry.

    By hiring consultant Engineers, it will cost fraction of the price. We will put offer tender to a list of companies that provide a complete technology transfer and know how for plant Design, Build test and Optimization. For each plant build with the help of foreign consultants, we intend to build ten (10) more of our own and also export to our neighbor countries generating hard currency based on knowledge economy.

    We currently negotiating Indian based fish processing and slaughter houses line manufacturer. This will be the first that will be executed. We are also in contact with another German consultant company that will provide great know how and training in many areas including pharmaceutical, dairy and chemical plants engineering and design. http://www.glatt.com/e/00_home/00.htm
    Leather and Hides Processing plants

    Leather and Hide processing plants will be our next major project. We are shopping around currently negotiating with a number of companies in different countries that will build leather and hides treatment plants and machineries. There is also list of over 80 companies that we currently investigating their technical know how and capabilities.

    We intend to supply value added leather products to Automobile manufacturers. Italy Germany and Japan are our primary market targets and create over 50,000 jobs in leather sector in 5 years. Yes it is achievable target, just read how well India is doing (using Somali raw leather) in its multi billion leather industry and its 2.4 million workers.

    Ethiopia is currently supplying raw leather to the hundreds of leather factories in India. It is our leather from the animals of Somali nomad's. it is our absolute right to compete head to head with these countries that are benefiting from our absence.

    The success rate of every nation is measured by its technical manpower and the amount of trade people at its disposal. Puntland lack this dearly and we will change this (God willing) once we take over. It is up to the 360 delegates to elect the right team to turn around and transform Puntland and end the corruption, disease, ignorance, injustice and poverty inflicted on our people by the current administration.
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