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puntland first draft constitution review

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    A Constitutional Review Seminar Held in Garowe

    Thursday, 21-Feb 2008

    Garowe, Punt land: A seminar opened at the Punt land Development and Research Centre (PDRC) . The seminar was sponsored by the Constitutional Review Committee of the Punt land. Punt land Government officials participating in the conference included, Regional Governors, city mayors and other senior government officials

    The purpose of the seminar was to review the first draft of the Punt land Constitution and to begin the assessment of the Constitution.

    Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commitee Mr. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed spoke about the main purpose of the workshop. Mr. Mohamed also stated that regional governors, mayors and other government officials were invite to the workshop for their feedback and advise regarding the draft constitution.

    This workshop will conclude after 12 days, the Constitutional Review Committee will then present the draft constitution to the traditional community elders for their input.

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