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    After an extensive talk to Atho have decided to take up my full entitlement. Everytime I talk to that man I feel more comfortable about this little speckie. From his point of view, everything is going to plan, albeit slowly, and certainly it seems likely that a pilot will develope with the Fed agency handling 1 bill "items" yearly. I tried to get a handle on what that involved but could not break the cone of silence. But of most interest to me was talk of a strategic alliance - Atho's words, not mine. This came up after I quizzed on how long funds from the rights issue would last given the stated burn up rate and the likelehood that it would not all be taken up. Firstly, there are takers in place for any shortfall, and in addition there is the possibility of this strategic alliance. I queried whether he was talking takeover, or even reverse takeover. That was negative and I got no further. But I did gather that talks had been happening.
    I had also asked the good Doc why on earth the US would trust their security to a little piss ant co such as Mik. (my very words). Surely, I said , they would be better received if tied in with a GE or similiar. Doc said that their contacts in the US were now so widespread that he felt everyone he was dealing with was taking MIK very very seriously. And in terms of contracts, there was no problem handling big orders because production etc was in other hands, hands that were more than equipped. But he did say he was short of hands for day to day dealing and selling and was of necessity having to put most of his time into existing contacts as opposed to some of the newer leads.
    Since I spoke to him last when there were some 30 serious inquiries and 8 pilots, there are now another 15-20 serious parties.
    Also at least one of the state dept pilots has been increased to a much larger scale. And the Doc confirms that all of the pilots are being paid for. A figure of 6 months was mentioned as a typical pilot time frame.
    Well that's it. God I wish I had a recorder. There is so much said in an hour on the phone. Hard to remember it all.
    Cheers jwt
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