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punters need to understand ...

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    1. That Trafford and Ironclad are both tight stocks. They don't have hundreds of millions of shares on issue. TRF fully diluted is only about 50 million. IronClad is about 40 million.

    2. That at present TRF controls the majority of the project via its 20% free carried interest PLUS its 50% equity in IronClad PLUS all the non iron credits that may be discovered such as gold go to TRF.

    3. That this is not just any iron ore project, as the resources already discovered are "premium quality" according to an independent report.

    4. That an independent desk top study released near the end of March has already suggested profit margins of $23.00 to $27.00 per tonne.

    5. That with exploration potential at present identified up to 600 million tonnes by an independent report, (and I suspect higher) there is potentially massive upside.

    6. That this looks still to be a very early entry play in view of the huge potential upside which should be unlocked as IronClad prove up the resources and enter into marketing/offtake agreements.

    7. The outlook for iron ore remains very strong in this Super Cycle commodities boom.

    8. I have what I believe will prove to be a very conservative initial target on TRF of $250 million market cap. (If this project develops as I anticipate it will, and the iron ore market remains firm, as I expect it will, I can easily see this project down the track being capitalised at one billion dollars plus.)

    9, Just think about it - how conservative the above could be based on $20/tonne profits if IronClad prove up 300 million tonnes or 600 million tonnes.
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