pull over madam

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    In the UK recently a road patrol car spotted a car doing 20 miles an hour (40k) and blocking traffic. The car was occupied by two elderly ladies. The police pulled them over and walked up to the drivers side and looked in - the old lady in the passenger seat was staring straight ahead, speechless, pale and shaking.
    The first policeman asked the old lady driving "Madam why are you driving so slowly, you should know it is illegal.."
    "Oh!... I dont understand, Constable, I know I dont drive often but I always stick very carefully to the speed limit, the sign back there said M20, so Im doing 20 miles an hour, back where it said M42, I did 42 miles and hour, and before that I saw M60 and I did 60 miles an hour and.. "Pardon me, madam" said the second officer, "But why is your passenger staring like that and shaking, if you dont mind me asking?"
    "Oh, you wont get any sense out of her" she replied "She's been like that ever since that M149 part..."
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