public service - breasts

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    how good is this
    won't you just love to be public servant
    the new Royals of Australia
    that think the sucker TAX Payers must give and give to you
    as your a Royal
    someone very special

    read but don't laugh
    as the joke was on
    the TAX Payer

    but the joke failed....!

    and NEXT MUST come a reduction of 'their' PPL
    Woman’s claim for publicly funded breast reduction surgery rejected

    A BUSTY public servant has been told to exercise and go to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig after she tried to get taxpayers to foot her $20,000 bill for breast reduction surgery.

    Australian Taxation Office worker Roseanne Howes underwent the radical procedure saying it was necessary to ease neck and shoulder pain caused by constantly working at a computer.

    But in a stunning slapdown the Administrative Appeals Tribunal this week ruled she should have tried to lose weight instead.
    Ms Howes had already received a payout for a workplace injury caused by the computer work when she underwent the surgery in 2009.|heading|homepage|homepage&itmt=1422668630983
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