public opinoin and iraq

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    Those who would send our sons into war are champing their bloody maws in frustration as the the US and the UK fail to make any convincing case for invasion of Iraq. Even on this site, their invective is becoming more strident... Hopefully Australians will send the same message to toady Howard, the man who has placed this country in the front line.

    This from today's Los Angeles Times -- "Bush Doesn't Want Good News: The White House craves a fight with Iraq, the facts be damned. President wants his war, and the inveterate hawks in his administration simply spin the glaring lack of evidence into further proof of Saddam Hussein's dangerous chicanery."

    This from today's New York Times -- "As British Antiwar Sentiment Rises, Blair Defends Iraq Stand. . . Public opinion surveys and comments from a growing number of Labor members of Parliament show antiwar sentiment on the rise at a time when the British military is preparing troops and equipment for Persian Gulf missions and Mr. Blair continues to declare his solidarity with President Bush."

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