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    Biotechs are notorious for their volatility. Big initial promises, eventual disappearance. Even for those with a promising new line of drugs, 10-15 years to get it to market. Who'd be bothered?

    So why would I like PTD? Jolly's unsubstantiated rantings notwithstanding.

    Well, simply, PTD does not have to:
    (a) conduct any clinical trials
    (b) produce any drugs
    (c) market any drugs
    (d) sell any drugs

    and additionally, are hooked into some of the world's already biggest selling drugs - via the patents THEY WILL PICK UP.

    I can't be certain of the strength of their patents but they will yield royalties of some size.

    What's the problem?

    PTD currently near trend lows - Jesus, how can you go wrong? I'm not saying they'll get to $20 by the end of this year, but they'll be well north of where they are now.

    Do your own research, but where am I wrong?
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Currently unlisted public company.

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